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Podcasting Resources

Generally people think of podcasts as web feeds of audio recordings, but they can also contain other media types. A podcast can contain any type of file: audio, video, PDF, or other. Feeds let you pull information when you want it, rather than having it pushed to you like spam. Podcasts use feeds so people can SUBSCRIBE to them with podcatching software like iTunes or Juice.

  1. General podcast examples
    1. NPR Podcasts
    2. Talking History
    3. Science Friday
    4. Science at NASA Podcast
  2. Professional development podcast examples
    1. EdTech Talk (International webcasts / podcasts)
    2. Bit by Bit (Bob Sprankle)
    3. Connect Learning (David Warlick)
    4. Speaking of History (Eric Langhorst)
  3. Classroom podcast examples
    1. Room208
    2. Radio WillowWeb
    3. Year 6/7 Blog
  1. Plan: Storyboard and Write
  2. Production: Record the pieces
  3. Post-Production: Edit the pieces
  4. Publish: Share your creation
Podcast Topic Options
  1. How do you triangulate on the truth (Da Vinci Code)
  2. Characteristics of messy assessment?
  3. What I want to do in my classroom with my kids, but don't have time to do now
  4. 1:1 technology immersion tips: Do's and Don'ts
Resources for Creating Podcasts
  1. Flickr Creative Commons
  2. Maria Henderson's Podcasting in Education
  3. Wesley's Podcasting Help page
  4. Wesley's podcasting social bookmarks
  5. John Evans' podcasting resources
  6. Tony Vincent's podcasting pages
  7. Garageband alternatives for Windows users
    1. Sony Acid XPress
    2. Fruity Loops (not free)


Visit Wesley's blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, for more on digital literacy!

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