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Blogging Resources


Blogs can be used for lots of different things. We'll explore the use of blogs for Professional development, for student literacy development, and educational leadership. Blogs are characterized by ease of publication and a web feed that permits subscription, so people can PULL information instead of having it PUSHED to them.


The collaborative Blog Tools Wiki includes many links to blog examples and different blog tools. The July 2006 skypecast on blogging tool options also includes many links in the shownotes.


Professional Development Blog Examples


  1. Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson)
  2. Around the Corner (Miguel Guhlin)
  3. TechLearning Blog
  4. Other educational blogs
Classroom Blog Examples
  1. Willowdale Elementary School, Omaha, Nebraska
  2. Room208 (Wells, Maine)
  3. Room 12 Mighty Writers (Seattle, Washington)
  4. Pre-Cal 40S (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  5. Other classroom blogs
Educational Leader Blogs
  1. Tim Tyson's blog (principal)
  2. Jim McNelis' blog (school board member)
Blog Reading Tools
  1. Bloglines (great, free feed aggregator)
  2. Technorati (Blog search tool)
Blogging Tools
  1. Blogger - (New blogger account setup instructions)
  2. Class Blogmeister (Request from david.warlick at gmail dot com)
  3. Edublogs (uses Wordpress)
  4. iWeb (included with iLife06)
    1. iWeb Tutorial
Other Resources on Blogging
  1. Support Blogging Wiki
  2. Ann Davis' wiki "Improving Instruction Through the Use of Weblogs"
  3. Wesley's Bloglines Feeds (more blog links)


Visit Wesley's blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, for more on digital literacy!

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